About YOSI

YOSI was started by Mr. MURUGA BARATHI, on 02-03-05., in a small town PUDUKKOTTAI, in the state of Tamilnadu, India. Now, it is developed as YOSI HR TRAINING (OPC) Private Limited, have a large network of Trainers and conducting programs all over India and abroad.

YOSI in Tamil means “to Think”. We motivate and guide people to think better and to do wonders.

YOSI conduct Life Skills and Work Skills courses and sessions, in Tamil and English, to develop and to

better HR.

To YOSI, HR is not just Human Resources, but also Human Relations and Human Responsibilities. YOSI is running like a holy river, enriching and enabling people, to better themselves,their team and the society.


To play a vital role in building a better world by positively changing the lives of billions of people.


To motivate and equip at least 2,00,000 people, by 2021, to
Think Independently, Ethically and Responsibly about the
Happiness and Development of themselves, their Team and
their society.

We are growing and bettering day-by-day. Some important milestones in the History of YOSI.

March 2 - Started as Computer Education Center; Then Pre-Primary Teacher Training

Sep. 5 - Named YOSI. Started Personality Development Classes

Dec. 11 - Started Publications and called as YOSI Media & HR

Dec. 20 - Registered as YOSI HR TRAINING (OPC) PVT. LTD.

Administrative Team

Managing Director


  • M.A., MHRM
  • 10 years experience in Training
  • Passionate Trainer

Chief Executive Officer


  • M.B.A.
  • 10 years experience in Entrepreneurship
  • Passionate Businessman

 Founder & Chief Trainer


  • M.A., M.A., M.A., M.Sc., M.Com., M.B.A., M. Phil., PGDCA,
  • 18 years experience in Training
  • Author of 12 books


Vetri Vidiyal Srinivasan

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Mentor of 500+ start-ups
  • Founder of a Fb page with million followers

We are having 100+ trainers in Tamilnadu and a few in other states. Our trainers use variety of tools, techniques, skills and styles to fit the needs of the clients. Most of them nurtured and developed by our Train The Trainer workshops.

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